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Acme Concrete Raises and Repairs Concrete in Wheaton, IL

Acme Concrete raises and repair concrete in Wheaton, IL

Acme Concrete specializes in the lifting and leveling of settled, sunken concrete slabs and structures. We regularly contract with residential and commercial customers located in Wheaton, IL. In fact, we service all Wheaton zip codes.

Sunken front walkways can result in trip hazards and large steps up to your front porch. Settled driveways can make it hard to pull your car in and out of the garage. Dropped patios can become uneven and pitch water toward your home’s foundation. Porches, steps, and stoops are other areas that can sink, crack and make a property look run down or un-maintained.

The Ultimate Solution For Settled Concrete!

Acme Concrete developed the Smart Lift System to provide The Ultimate Solution For Settled Concrete. Don’t “settle” for mudjacking or other contractors that raise concrete as an “add-on” to their primary business. Companies are always best at doing what their primary focus is.  For example, a water-proofing company is best to do water-proofing; however, they wouldn’t necessarily be the best choice for concrete repair. You wouldn’t hire an electrician to water-proof your basement right??? Simply put, if you need concrete raised, it’s a common sense decision to demand a polyurethane concrete raising specialist. It’s the best way to be sure you get the best service and value for your money!

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