Concrete Driveway Raising – Crystal Lake

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Lifts Sunken Driveways in Crystal Lake, IL

We received a call from a Crystal Lake resident describing a driveway section at their garage which had cracked and dropped about 2 inches. This caused a very noticeable bump every time they drove their car in or out. To make matters worse, the driveway’s pitch change caused rainwater to collect instead of naturally draining away from the garage. This improper drainage often results in washout under the concrete, further promoting settling.

Our Polyurethane System Provided The Perfect Solution

Raising concrete driveway


Luckily, this homeowner was aware that Acme Concrete Raising & Repair could easily and economically return this driveway to its original position, eliminating that annoying bump and correcting water drainage.

To learn more about how we raise concrete with polyurethane, check out our video here: Polyurethane Concrete Raising