Lift Settled Stoop Woodstock

Acme Concrete Raises Sunken Stoops in Woodstock

Sometimes concrete settles simply because of poor compaction. This was the case for this front stoop in Woodstock which settled only because its sub-base was not properly compacted during construction. The area was not subject to drainage issues or burrowing animals and required no other corrective measures other than lifting and supporting.

Front stoop dropped


Controlled Concrete Lifting with Polyurethane

Aside from our very small injection hole size, one of the other great benefits of our polyurethane injection system is the ability to raise a structure in very small, controlled increments. Mudjacking equipment typically delivers “mud” to a slab by means of a piston pump. Each actuation of the piston delivers a fixed amount of slurry that can not be varied. The only control with most mudjacking operations is the number of actuations delivered. If during a lift you really only need about a half an actuation more to achieve the desired raise – you’re limited to stopping prematurely or possibly over pumping the slab.

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