Raising Stamped Concrete Slabs

Raising Stamped Concrete in Barrington, IL

A customer of ours located in Barrington, IL invested in having beautiful stamped concrete sidewalks and landings installed at their residence. Concrete slabs that would normally have no texture or pattern were artistically stamped with a pattern resembling flat stones, which were then stained.

Over time, two areas were affected by erosion and from critters burrowing and removing soil from beneath the slabs. The result was sinking and settling of the stained concrete, which became aesthetically unappealing.

One of the great benefits of Acme’s polyurethane concrete raising system is that we drill very small holes compared to mudjacking. This is particularly important to people who have invested so much into making their concrete look great.

Acme Raises Stamped Concrete

Since we utilized polyurethane foam, this repair will not be susceptible to future washout or damage by critters.