A Poor Sagging Sidewalk in Woodstock, IL

Does a sagging, drooping sidewalk got you down? If so, your sidewalk probably needs CPR!

Acme Provides CPR:  Concrete Polyurethane Raising! Settled, sunken sidewalks can divert water toward your home, result in uneven surfaces or tripping hazards and make things look unmaintained and run down. If you have a sidewalk or other concrete structure that is beginning to settle, we recommend correcting it sooner than later in order to prevent other problems and limit more costly repairs down the road.

This front walk located at a beautiful Woodstock home did not present a safety issue, but was well on its way to producing improper drainage and thereby exacerbating the settling problem.

Sagging sidewalk in Woodstock


Drainage Corrected

The sagging portion of this sidewalk resulted in rainwater being pitched toward the home where it would eventually wash down under the sidewalk and erode its sub-base and promote more settling.

Our polyurethane lifting material raised the sidewalk back to its original position and is providing a support structure that will not crack, shrink or washout like older concrete raising methods. Learn more about our advanced concrete raising services: Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Want to learn more about how our services compare with older methods referred to as “Mudjacking”? Learn more here: Polyurethane VS Mudjacking