Lifting a Dropped Porch in Schaumburg

Here is another great example of a concrete raising project utilizing polyurethane lifting foam. If you look closely in the photo, you can see the old patches from when this porch was previously mudjacked. It is also obvious by the photo how small the polyurethane injection holes are in comparison. Raising Dropped Concrete Helps Maintain […]

Fixing a Settled Porch in McHenry

This McHenry customer called us for an estimate to raise their front porch which had settled along the edge of the home. When we inspected the porch, we noticed many large, unsightly patches from a prior attempt to repair the porch by mud jacking it. According to the customer, mud jacking was able to raise […]

Lift Dropped Porch in Woodstock

When a concrete porch drops because of settling, it can be a seemingly daunting problem. The good news is that Acme Concrete makes easy work of repairing most any concrete porch that has sunk. Acme Can Give Your Settled Porch a LIFT in No Time Unlike old messy mud jacking methods, Acme Concrete uses a modern […]

Concrete Porch Repair Crystal Lake

Not only was this concrete front porch unsightly, it was severely pitched toward the home. Any rainwater that collected on the porch would run to the home and eventually end up under the slab. Water ending up beneath the concrete only made the settling problem worse by washing away backfill material. Economical and Long Lasting Concrete Porch Repairs […]

Raise Dropped Concrete Porch

Do You Need to Fix a Sinking Concrete Porch? If your concrete porch has settled, sunk, or dropped due to poor construction or soil erosion beneath the slab caused by water intrusion, then what was once a place of outdoor enjoyment for your home or business may become a safety hazard or be cited in […]

Concrete Porch Raising in Cary, IL

Acme Concrete Lifts and Supports Sunken Concrete Porches Many people are pleasantly surprised to learn that we can raise concrete porches that have settled. More to their surprise is the fact that we typically only have to drill a few small 5/8 inch holes to do it!  In fact, our polyurethane injection process is so […]