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Municipal Concrete Raising

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair uses state-of-the-art technology to provide concrete raising and leveling solutions to local municipalities. Are the sidewalks on Main Street a tripping hazard for your residents? Worried about uneven steps in front of the library? Acme is here to help!

Breaking out and replacing concrete walkways, stoops, sidewalks, slabs or other structures due to settling concrete can be expensive and disruptive – but not with Acme. Our raising and repair technology can get the job done – and will even be a long-lasting, effective, and economical solution to your concrete problems. We use a state-of-the-art polyurethane foam injection method the superior method to mudjacking and is a non-disruptive approach – perfect for high traffic areas in your municipality.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair serves the Western, North and Northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Our professional and courteous staff can provide a free, no-hassle proposal in electronic and printed format for your convenience – what are you waiting for contact us today for your municipal concrete leveling today!


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Repairs can typically be performed during normal business hours; however, we offer flexibility for high traffic areas. Repairs can be scheduled for nights and/or weekends. Our scheduling offers flexibility to help avoid and minimize service disruption to your municipality – saving precious time. Areas we commonly deal with are:

  • Curbs & Gutter
  • Sidewalks
  • Steps and Stoops
  • Garage & Shop Floors
  • Ramps
  • Interior Floors
  • Parking Lots


Municipal concrete lifting
Lift and support concrete walkway for a municipality.
Eliminating trip hazards at a community center
Raising concrete for a local Park District


We Live Up to Your Municipality’s High Expectations

Acme performs “modern concrete raising services” – a quick, clean and non-invasive repair compared to other older methods.

Unlike some of our competitors, our concrete raising services DO NOT involve…

  • Mixing mud slurries or grouts
  • Hydraulic actuated pumps
  • Large, unsightly construction equipment
  • Washing out equipment after work completion

What are you waiting for – contact us for municipal concrete leveling today!


Your Municipality Does Not Have to “SETTLE” for Mudjacking!

Acme’s modern concrete raising equipment and materials arrive in self-contained, compact trailers. No mud, no mess. Our method results in the best repair possible for your municipal property, outperforming competition. Using advanced methods, our raising method can be described in three easy steps: Drill, Fill, and Patch!


Step 1 – DRILL
Step 1 - Drill

Holes about the size of a dime are drilled into the settled concrete slab.  Special injection ports are then installed allowing a clean, controlled injection of the polyurethane lifting foam.

Step 2 – FILL
Step 2 - Fill

A polyurethane injection gun is securely attached to the ports. Controlled injections are performed resulting in a two-part polymer flowing through the space between the structure and its failed subbase. The polymer forms a structural foam that fills voids while raising and leveling the settled structure.

Step 3 – PATCH
Step 3 - Patch

Once the concrete has been raised, the lifting material is fully cured in about 15-minutes, allowing immediate, unrestricted use of the area. The injection ports are then easily removed and the holes are filled with a high quality grout leaving them virtually unnoticeable.


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