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Acme Concrete Raises Sunken Sidewalks

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair specializes in raising and leveling sunken sidewalks. We repair trip hazards, drainage issues and bring your walkways back into code quickly and economically.

Our goal is to provide quality concrete leveling work and get your sidewalks back in shape without breaking the bank. Our team of professionals uses cutting-edge technology to lift your uneven sidewalk or walkway to its original level.

Uneven Sidewalks? Acme Can Fix Them!

Excessive step heights and tripping hazards caused by uneven sidewalks are regularly identified in annual commercial property inspections and during home inspections when you are trying to sell your property.  Sunken, settled sidewalks can cause a variety of problems, including local building code violations, and require immediate concrete raising and leveling to avoid expensive property repairs and costly liability suits.

If you’ve searched ‘sidewalk leveling near me’, you surely have seen us. Acme Concrete is a regional specialist in supporting, raising, leveling, and lifting concrete sidewalks and walkways in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Many of our concrete repair projects are complete within a few hours and you can use your sidewalk or walkway as soon as we’re done. Call Acme Concrete Raising & Repair at 815-264-2200 or contact us online and schedule a property evaluation.

We use expanding polyurethane foam, enabling us to hide drill holes better than other methods. Though it makes fixing a square foot of concrete slab a bit more expensive than mud jacking, it is the most long-lasting option in the long run. We effectively level concrete at an affordable cost and with the best materials in the market.

Replacing the concrete slabs might be needed if the existing concrete slab has sunk too low or has been damaged too much. In that case, we will suggest contacting a concrete installation company for a new concrete sidewalk.

Common Sidewalk Problems for Homeowners & Businesses

Inappropriate step height, raised sections and drop-offs can cause expensive property damage, result in hazardous trip and fall situations, especially for the elderly and young, and expose your property to liability. The most common issues caused by uneven sidewalks and walkways include:

  1. Water pitching toward the home or building. Improper grading can cause poor water drainage which is a common cause of floods.
  2. Uneven and damaged expansion joints can easily cause hazardous tripping areas.
  3. Step height issues which result in obstacles for visitors, carriers, and couriers.
  4. Tree roots can cause significant damage like uneven sections to your sidewalks and walkways.

Sidewalk and Subbase Repairs

Subbase settlement or erosion can result in an uneven support structure beneath your walkways and sidewalks. When concrete slabs sink often times stress cracks can appear at control joints and other areas. It is important to stabilize and restore structural integrity to prevent exposing the foundation of your building to the elements and prevent trip hazards.

Our Smart Lift System for leveling settled concrete, is a fast, economical, and non-invasive way to achieve long-lasting concrete repairs. Learn more about our modern polyurethane foam injection and concrete raising process by reviewing frequently asked questions about our concrete raising process!

Watch how we raise settled concrete sidewalks

Before & After Concrete Sidewalk Repairs

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself! We have an extensive collection of before and after photos as well as actual video clips of our company raising concrete walkways in the Chicago area. Take a look below at our process to see how we can save your sidewalk. No matter how difficult the repair or lift, Acme Concrete contractors have proven experience in residential concrete repaircommercial property leveling services and non-invasive concrete raising services for municipalities.

Level Sunken Elgin Sidewalk 867 60177

Lift Settled Elgin Sidewalk 867 60177

Raise And Support Curved Sidewalk 611 60102

Lift Sidewalk And Stoop 850 60014

Raise Settled Sidewalk 1362 60188

Raise Sunken Sidewalk Stoop Driveway 956 60014

Sidewalk Lifting And Leveling 195 60103

Sidewalk Raising And Leveling 195 60103

Correct Sidewalk Trip Hazard 190 60010

Correct Sidewalk Trip Hazard 10518 60142

Lift And Level Front Sidewalk 3208 60050

Lift And Support Front Sidewalk 3208 1 60050

Commercial Sidewalk Raising 348 60108

Commercial Walkway Lifting 348 60108

Eliminating Commercial Trip Hazards 59 60067 (1)

Fixing Commercial Walkway Trip Hazards 59 60067

Raising Sunken Stamped Sidewalk16 60047

Repairing Commercial Sidewalk Trip Hazards 59 60067

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commercial concrete floor leveling

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