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Sidewalk Problems? We Can Save Them!

Sunken, settled sidewalks cause a variety of problems. If a sidewalk drops at a step, stoop or porch, it can create a large step up or down. This is a hazardous situation, especially for the elderly and young. It is also a problem for visitors and delivery people. Excessive step height can also be a violation of local code. This problem is regularly identified during home inspections when trying to sell a property.

Subbase settlement or erosion can put walkways under a great deal of stress. This is due to uneven support structure beneath the concrete. In addition to the concrete sinking, stress cracks can appear at control joints and other areas. Cracked areas can then become misaligned with one another resulting in trip hazards.

Acme Concrete is the specialist in raising, leveling and supporting concrete walkways. Using our Smart Lift System, we do this quickly and in the most non-invasive way imaginable. When weighing all options, our long-lasting repairs make us the most economical, long-term solution for your settled concrete. Most repairs are complete within a few hours and the concrete can be used as soon as we’re done.

Sidewalk Repairs Just Like Yours!
Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself! We have an extensive collection of before and after photos as well as actual video clips of our company raising concrete walkways. Take a minute and look through our galleries to see exactly how we can Save Your Sidewalk!

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