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Polyjacking Commercial Sidewalks

trip spot

Poor sub-base and erosion are the common culprits when it comes to concrete sidewalks dropping from their original grade. When sidewalks settle, they typically do so slowly over several years time. In some situations where the entire structure drops evenly, it … Continue reading

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Concrete Lifting in Hawthorn Woods

Dropped slab in Hawthorn Woods, IL

Raising settled concrete with polyurethane is almost always the quickest, most economical thing to do when you have concrete that has dropped. But what about stamped or stained concrete? The answer is the same – raising your dropped slabs with polyurethane … Continue reading

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Raise Sunken Steps In Elgin

Dropped steps in Elgin, IL

When concrete settles, it is something that typically happens slowly over several years. It’s understandable when you use the concrete on a daily basis, whether it’s a sidewalk, stoop or set of steps, the fact that your concrete is dropping can be … Continue reading

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Lowering Raised Concrete

Sidewalk raised by tree roots

In practical terms, concrete can not be lowered. In fact, in more cases than not, solutions to concrete problems do not involve needing to lower slabs. Most concrete trip hazards and misalignment problems develop slowly over time and are the result of … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Leveling in Elgin IL

When this Elgin customer called us, they had recently purchased a new home. Along with the new home, the customer inherited a very unsafe sidewalk!  The sidewalk led to the front door from another sidewalk leading to their driveway.  In … Continue reading

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