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Smart Lift System

The Ultimate Solution for Settled Concrete!

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Repairing settled, sunken concrete is our specialty, and our Smart Lift System is designed to provide you the best experience possible. We understand what’s important to our customers: great value, fast repairs, and long term solutions. The Smart Lift System provides repairs that are environmentally friendly, immediately useable, strong enough for highways, plus so much more! With Acme Concrete Raising & Repair, you can be confident you’re receiving the best possible repair solution for your money.

Price Match Guarantee

Acme Concrete Inc. will PRICE MATCH any comparable competitor’s price. You deserve the best repair at the most affordable price!

Ecologically friendly

Ecologically Friendly

Raising concrete in lieu of replacement helps keep concrete out of landfills. Our lifting foams are made from recycled materials and will not leach harmful chemicals into the environment.

planned approach

Planned Approach

We assess the big picture. We help identify underlying issues that cause concrete to settle in the first place, working with
you to ensure long lasting solutions.

engineered materials

Engineered Materials

Used on large highway projects for over two decades, our polyurethane injection process is a mature technology. Materials are designed specifically for raising and supporting concrete slabs and structures.

immediate use

Immediate Use

Unlike inferior methods, there is no inconvenient wait time with our repair. When we raise a driveway – you can drive on it as soon as we’re done!

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Not only is our lifting material lightweight and strong, its permanent! When injected beneath a slab, polyurethane will not crack, washout or degrade to any significant degree for decades.

subgrade stabilization

Deep Stabilization

In addition to concrete lifting, we can repair weak, problematic subgrades and increase load bearing capacity. Using a deep stabilization process, our polyurethane fills ground fissures, voids and also binds loose soils.


Have Settled Concrete? Check out each page below to see where Acme Concrete has fixed specific problems just like yours and reach out today!




Settled sidewalks can create drainage problems and dangerous trip.



Patios & Pool Decks

We easily access hard to reach areas without damage to lawns or landscaping.



Porches, Steps & Stoops

Is your concrete entryway bringing you down? We can lift it up in a jiffy!



Driveways & Garage Floors

We raise large slabs and provide the strong support they need.

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