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Don’t Replace that Sunken Patio or Pool Deck. Let Acme Concrete Raise It for you!

Patios can settle for a number of reasons. Common causes include improper subbase construction or compaction and subbase erosion due to rainwater drainage problems. When a patio sinks along a home or foundation, rainwater begins to drain incorrectly into the settled area. This aggravates the settling problem by washing away soil beneath the concrete. Water draining towards a home can also find its way through foundation cracks and into your basement or crawlspace.

Pool decks settle and create dangerous trip hazards. Acme Concrete is highly skilled in repairing concrete slabs surrounding pools including those within the confines of a fence. We can easily access areas behind homes and businesses without disturbing lawns, fences, or landscape features.

If your patio or pool deck has sections that settled, raising the sunken concrete is a better option than replacement. Replacing concrete involves breaking out old concrete, hauling it to a landfill, and then bringing in heavy equipment to deliver the new concrete. Replacement is a costly, time consuming, and very invasive process which can damage your lawn and landscaping.

When Acme Concrete raises a patio or pool deck, we do it in the most non-invasive way possible. Our repairs are typically completed within a matter of hours, leaving you with unrestricted use of your concrete as soon as we’re done.

We’ve Fixed Hundreds of Patio Problems Just Like Yours!
We know that seeing is believing, so we’ve put together dozens of before & after images including time-lapse videos of patios being raised. Browse through our media collection. We’re confident you will find us repairing a patio similar to yours. Please contact us today to receive a free estimate for your project!

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