Driveway Leveling and Garage Floor Repairs

Acme Concrete Raises Sunken Driveways and Garage Floors

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair specializes in raising and leveling sunken driveways and garage floors. We use the same process required by Highway Departments!

Driveway or Garage Floor Got You Down? Let Acme Concrete Give It A Lift!

Uneven surfaces, cracks, water pooling where you don’t want it to, and feeling a large “bump” when you drive into your garage can all be symptoms of a big underlying problem: ground settlement. You need your concrete driveway leveled and repaired as soon as possible, and Acme Concrete can get the job done with our quick, cost-effective solutions when it comes to concrete lifting.

Driveways depend on a suitable subbase to provide the necessary support for heavy slabs and the loads they were designed to carry. If the subbase beneath concrete was not constructed with proper materials, or was not adequately compacted, settlement is the likely outcome. As the subbase fails, the driveway loses the support critical to slab stability. Over time, as the subbase worsens, the concrete becomes stressed from the weight of vehicle traffic and the weight of the slab itself. The driveway begins to fail, cracks develop and the slabs drop. You may notice water doesn’t drain like it used to. Perhaps the driveway becomes misaligned with a sidewalk or curb. Maybe it’s becoming harder to get a vehicle over the “bump” at the garage entrance. It’s important to raise concrete on driveways that are damaged to prevent any injuries or damages.

Garage floors can fail from settlement issues as well. Most garage floors are simply concrete slabs poured within the confines of foundation walls. Similar to basement floors, these “floating” slabs depend on a stable subbase just like driveways.

Acme Concrete can provide quick, economical solutions to lifting sunken concrete driveways and garage floors. We correct pitch, level joints and fill voids under the slabs. Our Smart Lift System can raise your driveway or garage floor and provide the strong support structure needed to sustain heavy loads. Contact Acme Concrete today to get started!

Services We Provide

Concrete leveling

As a concrete repair company, We can repair any other damaged concrete slab, from the uneven garage floor to the uneven concrete patio. Some of them include:

Driveway leveling

Our concrete leveling company is well-equipped with garage floor leveling and concrete repair. We can easily raise sunken concrete with affordable concrete leveling polyurethane foam, which is better than mud jacking and other forms of leveling.

Subbase problems

Subbase problems can cause a concrete slab to sink and have an uneven surface. For example, the loose soil under the concrete slab can be eroded by heavy rain or other causes. We provide the best solution for these problems and repair the sinking concrete at an affordable price. 

Garage Floor Repair

We repair garage floors affected by ground settlement, erosion, or inadequate compaction. We use a two-part process: first, we fill any voids, then we raise and stabilize the slabs.

You Don’t have to “Settle” for a Sunken Driveway or Garage Floor!

We make fixing your concrete driveway or garage floor an easy process. Check out our before and after photos to see how our driveway leveling has drastically improved other people’s homes. Learn more about our polyurethane concrete raising process and get started with Acme today!

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At Acme Concrete, we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality driveway leveling and concrete garage floor repair services. Our company provides concrete restoration services to both residential and commercial customers in the local area. Our team of expert technicians is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. We are excited to assist you in rejuvenating your concrete and achieving a fresh new look. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Have Settled Concrete? Check out each page below to see where Acme Concrete has fixed specific problems just like yours and reach out today!

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