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Des Plaines Il Concrete Raising

Are you looking to get an estimate for concrete raising in Des Plaines? We’re the first company in the area to focus primarily on raising concrete with polyurethane. Now, we’re Chicagoland’s most trusted polyjacking specialist! Based in Crystal Lake, IL we’re regularly working in Des Plaines and surrounding areas.

Let Us Give Your Concrete the Lift that Lasts!

Most concrete is expected to endure water or very heavy loads; some slabs like driveways and roads are subject to both. For these reasons, it is imperative that settled concrete be raised and supported with a material that is both strong and water-resistant. It’s not a good idea to lift concrete with a material that can breakdown and eventually wash away and erode from water runoff.

With Acme Concrete, you can be sure we will never use cheap, ineffective mudjacking mud to raise your concrete. In fact, we developed the Smart Lift System – The Ultimate Solution for Settled Concrete! With our Smart Lift System, you’ll always get high-density commercial grade polyurethane. This product greatly exceeds the compressive strength requirements of most any settled concrete problem – including that for State highway projects.

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BUYER BEWARE: When it comes to raising concrete – rely on the company that makes polyurethane concrete raising its primary function! We know you have lots of choices when it comes to contractors. Just know that some companies are actually experts in “other areas”. Having started out, and still focusing on providing services other than concrete lifting.  We, however, depend completely on being the best concrete raising company in the area.

Contact us today for a free, no-hassle evaluation of your concrete. We serve all of Des Plaines and surrounding communities.

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