Concrete Raising / Frequently Asked Questions

A Collection of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Concrete Raising

How Much Will It Cost to Lift & Level My Sunken Concrete?

Our service typically costs less than HALF the cost to remove and replace concrete. We provide free, no-hassle estimates usually on the spot. An additional benefit to raising concrete, is that it continues to match the surrounding concrete in color. (Replacement concrete sticks out like a sore thumb next to existing concrete slabs.)

How Exactly Do You Raise Settled Concrete?

We raise concrete as easy as: 1) Drill injection ports; 2) Inject polyurethane lifting foam; and 3) Patch the injection holes. Learn More Now

Is Polyurethane Injection better than Mudjacking?

Yes! Acme only provides concrete lifting by using polyurethane foam injection. Check out our comparison here: Polyurethane VS Mudjacking

Do I have to be on-site in order to receive an Estimate or while repairs are conducted?

No.  Although we always prefer face-to-face interactions, we can typically perform estimates and repairs providing we have proper access.

I heard Polyjacking is really expensive. Is that true?

No, but it depends on who you call.  We regularly underbid mudjacking quotes as well as other companies offering poly that tend to be extremely overpriced.

Is Your Concrete Raising Process Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! Acme’s lifting material, Polyurethane, is manufactured with recycled materials, and it is completely inert as well as non-toxic.  In addition, our raising process has zero waste. Raising settled concrete in lieu of replacing keeps concrete out of landfills too! We “Think Green”!

How Long Does it Take to Raise Concrete?

Most residential projects are completed in a few hours.  Projects involving large municipal or commercial locations may take a day or more, depending on size.

A mudjacker told me polyurethane does not work. Is that true?

No. Unfortunately, some contractors are unaware of the facts regarding polyurethane, while others are simply dishonest and want to sell their mudjacking services. Polyurethane is superior to mud, but do not take our word for it, learn some interesting facts here: Polyurethane – Engineered to Outperform Mudjacking.

Can I Use the Raised Concrete Right Away?

Yes. Our lifting material fully cures in about 15-minutes. When the job is complete, the concrete is free to use without restriction.  Unlike some of our competitors, there are no lengthy delays.  Other companies may require you wait 24 to 48 hours before using the repaired area(s).  With our modern technology, this is no longer the case!

Do You Drill Big Holes in My Concrete?

No. We do drill holes, but they are only ⅝” in diameter – about the size of a dime.  Once the concrete is lifted, the holes are patched with cement and are hardly noticeable.

Can concrete raised with polyurethane be disposed of?

Yes. Concrete lifted with polyurethane can later be disposed of in a municipal landfill that accepts Standard Construction & Demolition debris.

Do You Provide a Warranty for the Concrete You Raise?

Yes. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide a straightforward, no-nonsense warranty on our concrete raising services.  Acme stands behind its work! Want to dive deeper into the matter of warranties? Learn more about warranties now.

A mudjacker told me polyurethane is a hazardous material. Is that true?

No. Fully cured polyurethane foam is completely inert, and will not leach into groundwater. Furthermore, our foam is considered non-hazardous per Osha regulation 29 CFR1910.1200

Why Should I Hire Acme Concrete Raising & Repair?

There are many reasons we believe you will be better served by selecting our company. In short, we believe in being the best! Acme invests the time and resources required to acquire and utilize top quality concrete raising equipment, technology, and materials available.  You will also find the Acme staff is always professional and courteous!  But, don’t take our word for it, do your DUE DILIGENCE before making a decision. Here are some things you may want to consider: Selecting a Contractor

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Payment in full is expected upon project completion. We gladly accept checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Deposits are not required.

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