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Acme Concrete Raising & Repair lifting residential concrete located in Arlington Heights, IL

Settled concrete is no stranger to Arlington Heights, IL, and neither are we.  We regularly serve all zip codes in Arlington Heights including all surrounding areas. With Acme Concrete Raising and Repair, and it’s Smart Lift System – you’ll get the Ultimate Solution for Settled Concrete.

Concrete settles slowly over time. It’s not uncommon for someone to just “get used to it”. People often assume fixing problems with sunken concrete will be very expensive and/or invasive.  This is not true! You no longer have to “settle” for dropped, uneven slabs!  Once Acme arrives on a project, we have the concrete raised back up to where it belongs in a few short hours. The results are quite dramatic for a property owner!

We are proud to be the first Chicagoland concrete raising contractor focused primarily on providing modern polyurethane injection services for Arlington Heights!

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Polyurethane is the Best Way to Raise Concrete

Many consumers are not armed with important facts when it comes to selecting a concrete raising contractor. We believe “facts” are extremely important, especially with all the incorrect, or false information floating around regarding concrete raising materials. One thing many people don’t know is that polyurethane is required for many State Department of Transportation highway repair projects.  Polyurethane is not only strong, it’s also water resistant! It’s water resistant properties keep it from washing away, or eroding like mudjacking mud. There’s nothing worse than paying to concrete raised, just for the raising material to wash away with the rainwater.

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