Raising and Stabilizing Sunken Interior Concrete Floors and Slabs

Acme Is Your Interior Floor Lifting And Stabilization Expert!

Do you have an interior floor that has tilted to one side, which is called uneven floors.  Maybe you see a gap between the floor and the bottom of your walls. Do your floors feel unlevel when walking on them or sound hollow from your footsteps? 

The thought of floor replacement is dreadful. Replacing interior slabs involves a tremendous amount of expense and days of interruption and inconvenience. Acme Concrete Raising & Repair can raise and support your dropped interior floors quickly and easily without the hassle and expense of replacement.

Acme Raises Interior Floors

Repairing Interior Slabs With The Smart Lift System

Our Smart Lift System is a unique combination of specialized equipment, material, and services, designed to provide the ultimate solution for settled concrete. With a wide selection of specialty materials, we’re able to address problems specific to your project. Our process begins by evaluating your floors with our certified technicians – not salespeople. Our technicians understand what’s involved with these highly specialized repairs and properly evaluate your project. By determining the best materials and approach necessary, we ensure the most successful repair for your concrete floors.

Why Concrete Floors Crack, Sink, and Settle

There are three major reasons floors crack and drop. The most common of the two has to do with how the floor was constructed. 

  • Most concrete poured on grade (ground level) depends on a solid base beneath it for support. This applies to many structures: sidewalks, driveways, patios, garage floors, as well as interior floors. Before they pour concrete, contractors first construct a subbase made up of compacted stone. Without enough stone or proper compaction, the base will settle. If the base settles, the concrete above it becomes stressed and is subject to cracking and sinking.
  • The second most common reason we see for indoor slabs sinking relates to erosion. Plumbing failures typically cause these erosion problems: leaking roof drains routed down through commercial buildings, toilet gasket leaks, floor drain piping failures, freshwater supplies, and sewer pipe cracks, and breaks. All these are sources of liquid that can cause washout and settlement of the subbase that’s intended to support the interior concrete slabs. Sometimes, erosion can cause sizable gaps to form between the bottom of the concrete slab and the subbase, resulting in large voids.

It’s not uncommon for floors to drop after installation due to sloppy craftsmanship. Poor compaction, improper mix and placement techniques, or too few control joints can all contribute to slabs settling unevenly after they are poured. Even if the floor was placed by a professional contractor, mistakes happen that can lead to sinking floors.

Concrete Floor Lifting & Stabilization

If you have a floor that needs to be raised, that repair will only be as good as the material used to raise it. Acme has the very highest standard for lifting materials. No matter what the application, residential, commercial or municipal, we always rely on lifting materials that meet the compressive strength requirements for highways. Our motto is that lifting materials should always be stronger than you would ever need them to be! In cases where you might hear a “hollow” sound as you walk across the floor, or feel the floor shake slightly, Acme uses a very special polyurethane foam. We have foams that are specifically designed to fill voids and stabilize concrete. This is perfect for slabs that need to be supported but have not dropped. If this is the case for you, Acme can fill the voids and provide support to the slabs without raising them.

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