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Acme Concrete Raising & Repair is frequently in the Schaumburg area, so we are naturally well suited to serve you! Lifting sunken, settled concrete is our specialty, and we’re proud to be the first concrete raising contractor in the Chicagoland area to focus specifically on modern polyurethane injections. Unlike other contractors raising concrete that really have another primary focuses such as waterproofing or pouring cement, we specialize in raising concrete with polyurethane! Don’t “settle” for second or third best – demand a polyjacking expert to raise your concrete!

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Polyurethane is a Superior Repair and It Doesn’t Have to be Expensive.

A common misconception is that polyurethane concrete raising is too expensive. We also hear claims that it costs more than mudjacking. Sometimes polyjacking does cost slightly more, it is, however, a superior repair. It is also important to understand that we underbid mudjack contractors on a daily basis! In fact, one of our customers received a bid from a mudjacker that told him “Don’t bother with poly, it will be twice our cost”. Guess what? Our bid was ONE-THIRD the cost the mudjacker quoted! In our opinion that was attempted highway robbery by that contractor.

Getting multiple bids is always a smart thing to do, however, it’s equally important to carefully select which companies you get the bids from! Fact is, there are concrete raising specialists, and there are companies that have added concrete raising to their “list of services”. Pricing and workmanship will vary widely between “Specialists” and “Non-Specialists”. For the best repair, at the greatest value, always demand a polyurethane concrete raising specialist.

Contact us for a free, no hassle evaluation of your concrete. We raise, level and support sidewalks, porches, steps & stoops, driveways & garage floors, as well as patios & pool decks.

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