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Sunken Porches, Steps and Stoops – Acme Concrete Fixes Them All!

Sunken or settled concrete steps and stoops are a common occurrence as subgrade materials beneath your porch erode over time. Tilted or dropped porches and sinking concrete can result in poor curb appeal and can reduce your property values. But why go through the effort and expense to remove usable concrete? You can fix dangerous problem areas at a fraction of the time and cost of replacement with Acme’s Smart Lift System – the ultimate solution for settled concrete. Acme Concrete’s Smart Lift System was created with modern technology and was specifically engineered for lifting, repairing, and supporting your concrete steps, stoops, porches, and other concrete entryway structures.

See Acme’s Porch, Step, and Stoop Lifting in Action

Using our Smart Lift Technology, check out our process of raising and leveling settled porches, steps, and stoops. Tilted or dropped porches from sinking concrete can be dangerous and an eye sore. Contact Chicago’s own Acme Concrete today for a free quote and let us get to work!


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