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Sunken Porches, Steps and Stoops – Acme Concrete Fixes Them All!

Lifting concrete steps, stoops, and porches is a very common occurrence.  Like other concrete structures, they are only as stable as the support system beneath them. Settlement typically occurs due to poor construction and erosion of the subgrade. Insufficient compaction of subgrade materials is a common problem for porches and stoops. This is often the result of contractors not being able to easily access an area with the proper equipment needed.

The idea of removing and replacing settled, but otherwise usable, concrete is an expensive and undesired task. With Acme Concrete and our Smart Lift System, we can properly pitch and grade your concrete quickly and economically. We can make water drain away from your home or foundation. We also correct step height problems and greatly improve curb appeal without messy, invasive techniques associated with replacement or mudjacking. Our concrete raising and repair process can stabilize loose soils and provide a strong support structure beneath the concrete that won’t crack or washout. It will stand firm against severe environmental changes we experience here in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. What are you waiting for? Let Acme Concrete repair your porch, lift your stoop, or fix your concrete steps today. Give us a call for your free estimate!

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We’ve Corrected Thousands of Concrete Problems Just Like Yours!

At Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Inc. we are proud of what we do. Check out all of our hard work from previous concrete steps, porches, and stoop repairs. From jacking sunken steps to lifting uneven stoops, we’re confident you’ll find a perfect example of how we have already solved a cracked or sunken concrete problem just like yours!


Settled step
Sunken Steps
Sunken front porch
Sunken porch
Front stoop dropped
Settled porch


See Acme’s Porch, Step, and Stoop Lifting in Action

Using our Smart Lift Technology, check out our process of raising and leveling settled porches, steps, and stoops. Tilted or dropped porches from sinking concrete can be dangerous and an eye sore. Contact Chicago’s own Acme Concrete today for a free quote and let us get to work!




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