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Acme Concrete Raises & Levels Sunken Concrete In Antioch, IL

Acme Concrete raises settled concrete in Antioch, IL

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair services Antioch, IL, and all surrounding zip codes. We raise and level sunken slabs, and repair cracks to help prevent future settling. As a concrete raising specialist, Acme Concrete Raising & Repair only raises concrete with high-quality, commercial grade polyurethane. Our lifting materials are strong enough to raise and support highways, and will not wash out or erode like mudjacking.

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We’ve tested the effects water has on side-by-side samples of polyurethane and mudjacking mud. Mudjacking mud is just that – it’s mud and mud doesn’t hold up to water. Polyurethane concrete lifting foams are designed to be water resistant, which is critically important. This is especially true when supporting concrete located outdoors and subjected to rain and water drainage.

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Our polyurethane is designed and manufactured for the specific purpose of raising and supporting concrete. Mudjacking slurries are created on a “contractor to contractor” basis. What this means, is that there is no “slurry manufacturer” being held accountable for meeting quality standards. Any mudjacker can simply pump whatever they want under your concrete. Poly, on the other hand, is made to meet specific criteria for strength and water resistance.

Lifting and Leveling Sunken Concrete is Our Specialty!

We’re Chicagoland’s FIRST contractor to focus specifically on raising and stabilizing dropped concrete with Poly. Contact us for free expert advice regarding your dropped or sunken concrete. We’re the pros for raising:

Patios and Pool Decks
Porches, Steps and Stoops
Driveways and Garage Floors

Check to see if your in our service area or call us at (815) 264-2200.

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