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Acme Concrete Raising & Repair offers quick and economical concrete lifting and leveling services in Bartlett, IL and Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs. Reduce risks for property damage, limit concrete trip hazards, and improve your curb appeal without the expensive cost of concrete replacement. Our concrete raising process uses modern technology and environmentally friendly polyurethane foam materials that result in a non-invasive, clean lift and level solution for a variety of concrete structures, including:

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Long-Lasting Concrete Lifting Solutions in Cook County, IL

You may have been looking for “mudjacking” or slabjacking”, but these are just terms used to describe the old way of raising sunken concrete. Acme offers a long-lasting, less messy concrete raising service with fast curing times so you can enjoy stronger, stable, safer steps, porches, driveways, and sidewalks. Lifting and leveling settled, sunken concrete is our specialty!

Once limited to large Department of Transportation (DOT) projects due to patent restrictions, Acme Concrete uses a strong polyurethane concrete lifting foam injections, a strong, supportive material that is safe for residential properties and the commercial marketplace. Acme’s Smart Lift System is the best solution for raising and stabilizing concrete.

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We have worked hard to make information available that is based on fact rather than opinion. Acme is committed to educating potential customers about their options for raising and leveling sunken concrete. Customers no longer have to deal with the drawbacks of mudjacking, including large, invasive injection holes and sloppy/messy materials that can wash out and cause your concrete to drop again. Polyurethane injections for concrete raising prove to be a superior lifting solution. Learn more about the benefits of polyurethane compared to mudjacking.

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