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Acme Concrete Provides Superior Concrete Raising Services in Huntley IL

Serving Huntley customers from our nearby Lake in the Hills location, Acme Concrete Raising & Repair can respond to your settled concrete problem quickly and efficiently. Whether you had concrete raised previously or not, we hope you take the time to call us or browse our website to learn about our new modern process light years beyond old mudjacking methods!

Acme Concrete Brings Polyurethane Concrete Raising to Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs!

The benefits our concrete raising method provides over mudjacking are not trivial.  The differences between polyurethane concrete raising and mudjacking are huge…

  • Holes drilled in concrete for material injection using mudjacking are typically 1 – 2 inches in diameter. Our polyurethane system utilizes very small 5/8 inch holes, about the size of a dime.
  • Mudjacking material can be messy and sloppy to where the areas being raised actually need to be washed down when work is completed. Our polyurethane system is completely sealed and mess free.
  • Our raising materials lift the concrete and form a support structure that will not crack, shrink or washout. Mudjacking material can crack, shrink, and washout.

These are but a few reasons why our concrete raising methods are superior. We hope you find the information on our website helpful.  Please do not hesitate to call us at (815) 264-2200 with any question we haven’t answered. Better yet, call us for a free appointment. We are in Huntley regularly and would love to stop by and evaluate your settled concrete.

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