Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Lake Zurich, IL

Acme Concrete lifts and levels settled sidewalks, garage floors, patios and driveways in Lake Zurich, IL and Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs. Acme can raise concrete and reduce trip hazards, improve curb appeal, and reduce risks for property water damage. Using modern technology and environmentally friendly polyurethane foam materials, most sunken concrete flatwork can be raised with our modern polyurethane injection process. Raising settled concrete is not only cheaper than replacement, it’s less invasive, quicker, and your concrete will continue to match in color!

The Best Solution for Raising and Stabilizing Concrete

There are two primary methods for lifting sunken concrete: 

  1. Polyurethane Injection
  2. Mudjacking

Acme concrete prefers to use the Polyurethane method, but before starting your concrete raising project, we recommend you educate yourself about the benefits of polyurethane compared to mudjacking and other leveling options then decide which concrete lifting and leveling solution is right for you. Acme is proud to provide exceptional customer service and we are happy to be a knowledgeable resource for all your questions and research. Call us at 815-264-2200 and let us explain the benefits of Acme’s Smart Lift System

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