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If you’ve noticed the step up to your front door keeps getting taller, please give us a call. If your patio is broken and pitching rain water toward your home, please give us a call. If you have a walkway with uneven, unlevel joints causing trip hazards, please give us a call…

We specialize in providing modern concrete lifting solutions to customers located in St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva, West Chicago and surrounding areas. If you have settled, sunken concrete, we can provide the best most economical solutions available.

Acme Sets the Standard for Concrete Raising Excellence

Our polyurethane concrete raising system is superior to old mudjacking methods in many ways – one of which being that we use specially formulated lifting materials that are consistent at every project. However, if you line up 10 mudjackers in a row you would hear 10 different explanations of how they “create their mud”. There really is no mudjacking standard, so what you would actually get pumped under your concrete is really anyone’s guess.

We have records showing where we get our polyurethane and how it was formulated so that you can be confident that your repairs are being made with quality materials that are consistent at every project we do.

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