Advantages of concrete levelling vs. Replacement

Any concrete slab or driveway at your home was a large investment; hence, you want to make sure you take care of it and maintain it appropriately. You have many options for concrete repair, among which is concrete leveling. Concrete leveling involves adjusting a concrete slab back to its normal position, while concrete replacement involves replacing an existing concrete slab with a new one. 

In this article, you’ll learn the advantages of concrete leveling vs concrete replacement.

Advantages of concrete levelling vs. Replacement

Advantages of Leveling Concrete

Below are some of the advantages of leveling concrete:

  • Less messy

Concrete leveling requires less cleaning and no excavation. The process doesn’t require you to break or demolish any concrete. Technicians simply use polyurethane foam to raise and stabilize settled slabs.

  • Faster

Concrete leveling repair can be done within a couple of hours. You can even go ahead and use your concrete on the same day of repair instead of waiting for days or weeks. The concrete leveling process saves you time.

  • Cheaper

The process of concrete leveling is considerably cheaper because it doesn’t require the time and materials with replacement.

  • Smaller equipment

The equipment needed for concrete leveling is small compared to concrete replacement trucks and tools. Concrete leveling is easier to manage and will not damage your yard or landscaping.

Advantages of Replacing Concrete

Below are some of the advantages of concrete replacement. 

  • New concrete is a clean slate

Freshly poured concrete gives the concrete floor a uniform, clean and pristine feeling especially when you’re replacing all the slabs in an area. Also, getting new concrete allows you to determine the style according to how you want it. 

  • No initial breaks

Freshly poured concrete is usually monitored so that there are no cracks or breaks that are typically found in existing concrete due to years of freezing and thawing.

  • Customizable

Concrete replacement allows you to express your creativity. If you didn’t like how your concrete floor looked before, you can customize it according to how you like it when replacing it. For instance, if you wanted a ramp but had steps initially, you can correct this during concrete replacement.

  • Can fix underlying issues

Concrete replacement helps you fix the underlying problem. Before you pour new concrete, you can install drainage pipes that are best left beneath your concrete driveways.

  • Very predictable

With concrete replacement, nothing is left to chance. You can dictate the form and shape you want your concrete to take. The outcome can be predicted, which helps you take all appropriate measures to ensure your concrete floor comes out well.

Advantages of concrete levelling vs. Replacement 2


Having considered the advantages of concrete leveling and concrete replacement, it’s up to you to determine which one best suits you. If you’re looking for the best sidewalk leveling near me, you can count on us at Acme Concrete Raising & Repair.We’re experts in raising and leveling sunken concrete. We help our clients restore their sunken concrete to a safe and functional condition. We aim to provide the best leveling services at the best price.

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