Foundation Crack Repair / Concrete Crack Structural Repair

Epoxy Injection for Structural Repair of Foundation Cracks

Although most cracks in concrete foundations and walls are not structural concerns, there are times when a structural repair is warranted.

Signs of possible structural issues include:

  • Cracks running on a horizontal plane
  • Cracks that are ¼” or wider
  • Cracks in the area of multiple other cracks

When properly injected, epoxy can provide a waterproof seal bonding the concrete back together with a strength exceeding that of the existing concrete. This repair applies when a significant settlement or major foundation movement is not anticipated.

Benefits of epoxy injection include:

  • Bonding strength greater than the existing concrete
  • Waterproof seal that stops leaks
  • Provides fast and economical repairs
  • Performed from the interior – no exterior excavation required

When additional significant future movement is suspected, carbon fiber staples or foundation piering may be required.  When used in conjunction with epoxy injection, this will provide necessary stabilization and additional reinforcement.

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