Concrete Driveway Leveling: What Homeowners Need To Know

As a homeowner, your concrete driveway affects your home in certain ways. For instance, if your concrete driveway is uneven, it reduces the aesthetics of your home, you’ll be unable to park your car properly and it can even cause injuries. 

However, if you have an uneven driveway, it’s not necessary to remove the old slab and pour new concrete when you can do driveway leveling with polyurethane foam injections. Instead of taking days to dry (like freshly poured concrete) this process can be completed in a few hours and you can use your driveway again. 

Concrete Driveway Leveling: What Homeowners Need To Know

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about concrete driveway leveling:

Why do concrete driveways become unlevel?

There are different reasons for concrete driveway leveling. They include:

  • Decaying organic matter under the driveway 
  • Inadequately compacted soil
  • Poor drainage under the driveway can lead to voids.
  • Expansive soil under the driveway 

These are some of the causes of unleveled concrete driveways.

How driveway leveling works

The normal way for driveway leveling involves drilling small holes into the slabs and then injecting polyurethane foam into those holes. The foam expands and fills the hole immediately thereby raising the slab. The holes are filled and painted to the original color of the concrete so that it becomes less evident that there was a repair. Polyurethane foam takes less than a few hours to dry which means your driveway can be ready for use almost immediately. It’s not only faster than the traditional way of concrete leveling, but it’s also cost-effective. 

How long will the driveway level last?

Driveway leveling will last for a long if the polyfoam is used. Poly foam is made of lightweight materials that contribute no weight to the soil. However, if the soil beneath the driveway isn’t well composed or there’s no proper drainage, it can affect the repair. This is why any drainage problem should be fixed before carrying out the poly foam repair. 

Can poly foam be used for all uneven driveway leveling?

Poly foam is not the best solution for a driveway that has too many cracks. A driveway with too many cracks will have to be repaired the traditional way. It has to be dug up and new concrete poured to replace it. Concrete replacement takes a lot of time and a large crew to do; plus it’s expensive. However, it remains the best solution for a driveway with too many cracks. 

If you call a repair contractor, they can determine whether to go ahead with poly foam repair or repair your uneven driveway the traditional way. 

Concrete Driveway Leveling: What Homeowners Need To Know 2

Driveway leveling cost

The total cost of driveway leveling is determined by factors such as your location, the size of your driveway, and how much poly foam will be needed. However, most of the time, driveway leveling is often cost-effective because it doesn’t take much time like replacing concrete and it doesn’t require too many hands.

Can you do driveway leveling yourself?

You can repair your driveway yourself if you have prior experience, otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for another expense. If you don’t do it well, you’ll be required to do it again, that’s if it doesn’t get worse. Therefore, it’s best to hire a professional.


Do you need a professional concrete repair company to help you with concrete driveway leveling, you’re at the right place. At Acme Concrete, we provide fast and cost-effective solutions to bad concrete driveways. Our garage floor leveling service is top-notch; we correct pitch, level joints, and fill up holes under slabs. 

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