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Trip Hazards Along Curbs? Acme Makes Getting them Fixed Easy!

When sidewalks settle along curbs, a couple of problems can occur. First and foremost are the very real safety hazards associated with uneven surfaces. A sudden change in elevation exceeding 0.25″ is the very definition of a trip hazard and can result in serious bodily injury to anyone walking through the area. It is good practice to try to stay aware of the presence of trip hazards and have them rectified as quickly as possible.We have compiled some information regarding local codes here: Trip Hazards

Commercial Sidewalks with Improper Drainage

When commercial sidewalks are poured along a curb and gutter, they are typically constructed in such a manner as to slope rainwater toward the curb. The purpose for this is so that rainwater drains into the gutter and channeled into a storm drain. In this image, you can see where soil has collected along the curb due to improper drainage. During cold months, water standing along curbs can freeze, creating dangerous slip and fall hazards. Aside from the obvious safety issues, the accumulated dirt & debris is very unsightly.

Uneven Surfaces Result in Trip Hazards

Depending on how intersecting sidewalks are constructed, they can settle at different rates and create uneven transitions between them. These are problems that can sometimes be rectified my grinding, but that is not always the best long-term solution. One problem with grinding is that it is not likely to correct pitch or drainage problems that may have been created from the settling. When a slab sinks enough to create a trip hazard, there is a good chance the direction water drains has been affected. In some situations, grinding can be an economical solution. However, grinding is not typically aesthetically pleasing.

commercial sidewalk trip hazard along a curb

Commercial sidewalk failing to properly drain

Uneven sidewalk surface

Acme Concrete Raises Commercial Sidewalks

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair uses polyurethane to raise and support thousands of feet of sidewalk for commercial customers every year. Fixing drainage problems, trip hazards and low spots are an everyday occurrence for us. In nearly all cases, we raise apartment and office complex sidewalks with no interruption to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

If you’re looking for a fast, clean and professional solution to your commercial sidewalk problems – Acme Concrete Raising & Repair is your answer.

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