Concrete Raising Injection Hole Patches

A Better, Cleaner Alternative to Mudjacking

When you want to repair sunken concrete, an important thing to consider is how good, or possibly bad, your concrete might look after you hire a contractor to raise it. Acme Concrete’s Smart Lift System uses polyurethane foam injection to raise and repair residential, commercial, and municipality concrete structures without the large, ugly patches that other methods, like mudjacking, leave behind. Don’t spend your time and money on concrete raising and repair services that you’ll regret, contact Acme Concrete Raising and Repair for your sidewalks, steps, driveways, walkways, and more.

Raise Concrete Without Ugly Hole Patches

It’s important to understand that there are different ways of raising concrete. There’s the ACME Smart Lift System, and there’s the old-fashioned mudjacking way.

What is Mudjacking?

The old mudjacking method of raising concrete requires large drill holes to be made in your concrete, big enough for a large pipe to fit through. A piece of pipe is used to pump a messy, wet slurry beneath your concrete to raise it. Mudjacking holes are typically an inch and five-eighths (1 ⅝”) in diameter – nearly 7-times the surface area of the holes created by ACME polyurethane Smart Lift System. To make things worse, the mudjacking material is so thick, mudjackers have to drill a lot of these holes in your concrete.

How Large are the Smart Lift System Injection Holes?

ACME Smart Lift System allows us to utilize small injection ports, five-eighths (⅝) of an inch in diameter that are hardly noticeable, allowing your concrete to maintain its structural integrity once the raising and repair service is complete.

What Type of Material Does ACME Use to Lift Concrete?

Polyurethane foam outperforms mudjacking materials and can flow easily under the concrete slabs and fill voids while repairing loose soils that lie beneath. ACME using a strong, water-resistant material with proven performance standards that are required by large highway repair projects. You’ll find very few similarities when you compare polyurethane concrete raising methods to mudjacking.  ACME’s concrete repairs are quicker, cleaner and much less invasive than old mudjacking methods. Our polyurethane lifting materials are a smart choice! We’re also very mindful when it comes to health, safety & the environment.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair is Chicagoland’s first polyurethane concrete raising & stabilization specialist. Ready to repair a sunken concrete structure? Our polyurethane foam materials  are formulated for residential, commercial, and municipal applications, including:

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