Fixing a Settled Porch in McHenry

This McHenry customer called us for an estimate to raise their front porch which had settled along the edge of the home. When we inspected the porch, we noticed many large, unsightly patches from a prior attempt to repair the porch by mud jacking it. According to the customer, mud jacking was able to raise the porch initially but did not provide a lasting solution.

Acme Concrete using polyurethane to lift and support a sunken concrete porch

Our Customers Don’t “SETTLE” for Mudjacking!

When we raise a sunken porch, we drill very small holes and install temporary injection ports. Then we connect sophisticated, computer controlled equipment to the ports and gradually introduce a structural closed-cell polyurethane foam. The foam first stabilizes and compacts loose soils, then raises the settled slabs with ease. Voids are filled, and the material cures in about 15 minutes.

Concrete porch raised with polyurethane

Polyurethane Concrete Raising – The Smart Choice!

This porch measured 38 feet long and 8 feet wide. It had dropped a full 3 inches along the edge of the home. It might sound surprising this porch re-settled a full 3 inches after being mud jacked, but this is actually quite common. We regularly find ourselves estimating jobs with concrete that has those large unsightly patches from being mud jacked previously.

What might surprise someone even more, is that even though we use much higher quality lifting materials and processes, we still routinely under bid mud jacking. Sometimes by a significant amount.

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