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Raising Apartment Complex Patios in Mt. Prospect

Acme Concrete at a Mt. Prospect apartment complex.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair participated in a large renovation project in Mt. Prospect, IL.  Acme was contracted by a major restoration company to perform concrete raising services for 13 multi-story apartment buildings.  These buildings were receiving beautiful updates along with many ground improvements. … Continue reading

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Leveling Commercial Sidewalks in Naperville

Concrete sidewalks typically border parking areas near commercial properties.  This type of sidewalk is often constructed alongside a curb requiring people to step up or down. Stepping up or down typically occurs without much thought or effort. People are usually going about their day and don’t often … Continue reading

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Leveling a Set of Sunken Commercial Stairs

Sunken commercial concrete stairs

This Wauconda, IL business dealt with these crooked, sagging stairs for a long time. The main hazards included improper step height and unlevel surfaces.  These were particularly dangerous during freezing conditions when ice would develop.  This stairway is also used daily as it … Continue reading

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Raising and Supporting a Hot Tub Slab

Settled Hot Tub Slab 231_60010

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair was contracted by a Barrington customer to lift and support a concrete slab used as a hot tub base.  Our repair process, Polyurethane, was selected due to it’s light weight, sheer strength and resistance against washout. This slab … Continue reading

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Raising Settled Concrete in McHenry

Sunken McHenry Sidewalk results in unsafe step height

Based in nearby Lake in the Hills, IL Acme Concrete Raising & Repair quickly and efficiently provides modern concrete raising services to all of McHenry County.  Nearly all the concrete located at this McHenry rental property was suffering from settling. … Continue reading

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Leveling Uneven Concrete in Inverness

Sunken Concrete Patio in Inverness

Uneven concrete is unsafe as it can create tripping hazards.  Uneven concrete is also unsightly and can make a property look run down and not maintained.  Raising low spots and matching them with surrounding concrete surfaces can provide dramatic results. Raising and leveling concrete also helps … Continue reading

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Raise Dropped Concrete Porch

Sunken concrete front porch located in Huntley, IL

Concrete porches typically get a lot of attention from residents and their visitors.  They are meant to provide access to a home or business, and can also provide space for enjoying the outdoor environment. This common welcoming area can be a source of … Continue reading

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Bartlett Mudjacking Alternative

Settled Sidewalk in Bartlett, IL

Mudjacking used to be one of the primary ways to deal with sunken, settled concrete until polyurethane injection became available on the residential marketplace.  Clearly the better repair choice, our injection process utilizes superior lifting materials that raise and permanently support concrete … Continue reading

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Settled Patio Steps in Huntley

Unlevel Concrete Steps in Huntley, IL

The steps to this Huntley patio were constructed as an independent structure, separate from the patio. Although the patio itself had settled, the steps sank at a greater rate due to their weight in comparison to the slabs. Typically, our … Continue reading

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