Lifting Commercial Sidewalks in Bloomingdale

Our polyurethane lifting system has many obvious technical advantages over mud jacking. However, we have become the simple choice for managers of commercial properties for many other reasons. Speed, cleanliness, and compact equipment are a few of the reasons. Sites such as apartment buildings, condominiums, shopping centers and office complexes can have a lot of pedestrian traffic. These projects typically present difficulty in stopping or rerouting foot traffic through work areas. With old mud jacking operations, the very best a property manager could hope for was inconveniencing residents or customers.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair – Polyurethane Injection System

Injection Gun

Our simple process delivers all the material required to lift a slab – on demand. It also does so utilizing a positive seal with the concrete as to not leak or waste any material. Most old ways of raising slabs involve mixing slurries in small batches and transferring the material from large trucks to the work areas. Mudjackers typically use delivery carts to haul the slurry from their trucks to the work area, which then pump the mud through large holes in the slab. The old way of doing things was slow, messy and inefficient.

A Single Acme Crew Can Raise Hundreds of Feet of Sidewalk a Day

Raising commercial sidewalks in Bloomingdale, IL

Our projects are conducted in a very systematic way that limits obstruction to pedestrian traffic. By quickly lifting sectioned areas, we are able to maintain near normal traffic flows without disruption. Our material delivery system is positioned in non-obtrusive areas and accesses the work via small transfer hose.

Poly Injection Gun

Acme Concrete Specialized in Commercial Concrete Lifting

If you are a property manager with settled concrete problems, Acme Concrete Raising & Repair can offer you a competitive solution. We offer fast, clean and long lasting repairs that will not disrupt your property like older repair methods.

Bloomingdale concrete raising project

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