Polyjacking Commercial Sidewalks

Poor sub-base and erosion are the common culprits when it comes to concrete sidewalks dropping from their original grade. When sidewalks settle, they typically do so slowly over several years time. In some situations where the entire structure drops evenly, it may not be very obvious – it can even be hard to tell it’s sinking. However, if a walkway is constructed along side a curb or other structure, the settling can be very noticeable. The situation can become unsightly and even present dangerous conditions involving trip and fall hazards.

Polyjacking commercial sidewalks

POLYJACKING: The Modern Solution to an Old Problem

The term “polyjacking” has been coined to describe the modern technique of raising sunken concrete with polyurethane concrete lifting foam. This process was developed for large scale, heavy duty slab raising projects, and is now available for smaller commercial and residential applications.

Polyjacking provides a durable repair that is very fast to perform, and operations that are clean and much less invasive than old mudjacking methods.

Polyjacking image before and after

Don’t Replace It, When You Can POLYJACK It!

There is not a more expensive, invasive or disruptive way to deal with sunken sidewalks than to remove and replace them. Acme Concrete Raising & Repair lifts and levels many thousands of feet of commercial/municipal walkway every season. Typically, we raise hundreds of feet of sidewalk in a days time without disrupting pedestrian or vehicular traffic. When we leave at the end of a work day, the sidewalk (or curb/street/parking area) is unrestricted and ready for normal use or traffic.

Polyjacking commercial walkway to eliminate trip hazards

Polyjacking is the Solution that Makes Sense

When it comes to commercial properties – we know that we are dealing with a potentially high volume of foot and vehicle traffic. We also know that if we are disrupting the flow of things that it can reflect negatively on site managers. We take pride in doing everything we can to be clean, neat and efficient; thereby minimizing any disturbances to the people around us. Our crews are respectful, courteous and professional.

Let us bid your next project, and compare us against any other option. We would love to help!

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