Raising Sunken Crystal Lake Concrete

Here is another great example of what we see every day! This garage approach settled where it meets the driveway. In this case, the sinking concrete becomes a “self-perpetuating” problem. Since the garage approach had dropped lower than the driveway, the rain water was unable to drain properly. During rainfall events, water would run down the garage approach, collect at the joint of the driveway and have nowhere to go but down beneath the concrete.  This improper drainage results in erosion where soil and backfill materials are washed out from under the slab. Sinking continues to worsen as rainwater removes more and more material from beneath the slab.

Unfortunately, so many people just assume that the only way to fix this problem is to break out the concrete and replace it. This is probably why we see so much sunken concrete that goes unattended too. The idea of such an invasive and costly measure is hard for many people to sign on too.

Acme Concrete Saved this Garage Approach and Corrected the Drainage Problem

Raising sunken concrete in Crystal Lake, IL

The time it took us to lift and support these slabs was about an hour. Once we disconnected our equipment and patched the injection holes – the customer was able to drive on the slab immediately. Our polyurethane lifting material forms a solid support structure beneath the concrete that is fully cured in about 15 minutes. This material will not wash out like mud jacking slurries.

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