Raising a Garage Approach that Dropped in Algonquin

We find that it is very common to see garage approaches settle. This can be due to poor backfill and compaction.  Many times, however, the problem is either caused, or at least aggravated, by improper drainage. So often we see downspouts that do not get rainwater far enough away from the home. Downspouts that dump water near the corner of where the garage and driveway meet can result in the sub-base being washed away. When this happens, voids develop and the concrete can settle and/or crack.

Garage Approach Lifted in Algonquin

This project is another great example where mud jacking failed to provide a lasting repair. The garage approach was previously lifted 5 years prior. The mudjacking contractor that was hired raised the concrete by pumping a limestone based slurry underneath the slab. Although this method is capable of raising concrete, the lifting material is subject to shrinkage, cracking and washout.

Lift settled garage approach.

After Acme Concrete Inc. repaired the area by raising it using polyurethane foam injection, the Algonquin customer no longer felt the “bump” when pulling in or out of the garage.  They will also enjoy the benefits of a permanent repair provided by our polyurethane injection system.

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