Another Schaumburg Patio Saved

Raise Settled Concrete. Don’t Replace It!

This Schaumburg patio was once a foundation for a four seasons room. Due to settling of the patio and on-going maintenance issues of the structure itself, the homeowner decided to remove the four seasons room.  They considered possibly replacing the concrete patio.

After learning about how we raise settled concrete with polyurethane injections, the homeowners called us for an estimate. Their concerns included a significantly settled step by the sliding glass door, and three major sections of patio.  The patio sections presented tripping hazards of up to 1.5 inches.

Lift and support settled patio

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Saves Concrete

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of our services or how effective they are. Do not resort to the costly and disruptive option of removal and replacement.  Allow us to inspect your settled concrete (for free) and potentially save you money and aggravation!

Learn more about concrete raising and how we do it: How We Raise Concrete