Bartlett Mudjacking Alternative

Acme Concrete Provides Bartlett Customers Services that Outperform Old Mudjacking Methods

Mudjacking used to be one of the primary ways to deal with sunken, settled concrete until polyurethane injection became available on the residential marketplace.  Clearly the better repair choice, our injection process utilizes superior lifting materials that raise and permanently support concrete slabs without the need for drilling large holes in your concrete.

Polyurethane sidewalk raising

By using just a few 5/8 inch holes, we quickly, cleanly and easily raise concrete sidewalks to pitch away water and eliminate tripping hazards. Once your concrete is raised and supported, we simply patch the small holes and your concrete is ready for normal use.

Concrete raising with polyurethane

Acme Concrete Polyurethane Injection Method – An Easy Choice!

Some common terms used to describe raising concrete is “MUDJACKING” or “SLABJACKING”. These terms refer to the older method of concrete raising that typically utilizes mud/sand slurries. Old mudjacking materials are subject to shrinkage, cracking and washout.

We offer a quality, long-lasting solution. You no longer have to deal with sidewalks that are pitched wrong or present dangerous trip hazards.  At Acme Concrete, we can easily and economically resolve these problems while typically eliminating the need for replacement.

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