Leveling Commercial Sidewalks in Naperville

Concrete sidewalks typically border parking areas near commercial properties.  This type of sidewalk is often constructed alongside a curb requiring people to step up or down. Stepping up or down typically occurs without much thought or effort. People are usually going about their day and don’t often look at curbs and sidewalks when using them.  If a sidewalk has dropped below the top height of a curb, an unexpected trip hazard will be present.  This could result in an accident.

Commercial concrete sidewalk lifting

Acme Concrete Improves Safety and Aesthetics of Commercial Real Estate

In just a few hours, Acme Concrete Inc. raised the above sidewalk back to original height, eliminating unsafe conditions.  We did this by using state-of-the-art equipment and material.  Also, our systems are housed in small trailers and are completely self-contained. Unlike mud jacking, Acme Concrete does not require the use of your water supply or bring large trucks onto the property. Our work is performed in a neat, clean and timely manner.

Considering Concrete Raising at a Commercial Property?

When obtaining estimates to raise settled concrete at a commercial location, there are important things to consider.  We put together some general information to help you find the right contractor.  These tips are quick to read and well worth your time to consider when hiring a company.

Tips for: Selecting a Contractor