Concrete Porch Raising in Cary, IL

Acme Concrete Lifts and Supports Sunken Concrete Porches

Many people are pleasantly surprised to learn that we can raise concrete porches that have settled. More to their surprise is the fact that we typically only have to drill a few small 5/8 inch holes to do it!  In fact, our polyurethane injection process is so minimally invasive, it is hard to tell we disturbed your concrete at all (other than the fact we raised it)!

Raising settled concrete porch

In the photos above it is easy to see that we corrected the settling problem and remnants of our process are virtually unnoticeable. In this situation, we were also able to solve another cosmetic issue where posts going from the porch to the roof had dropped with the concrete as shown below.

Lift a settled concrete porch.

Acme Concrete – We Save Settled Concrete

We are proud to be the very first contractor in the Northwest Suburbs focused primarily on raising concrete with polyurethane. Utilizing materials and equipment superior to older methods, we provide the best solution to settled concrete. We welcome your inquiries, and look forward to discussing your project!

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