Concrete Raising & Leveling Warranties

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BUYER BEWARE!  All Warranties Are NOT Created Equal – Or Fair

If a company presents a warranty for a specified duration, it’s easy to assume said company would stand behind their work for that amount of time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, some companies offer warranty durations that are longer than the time they’ve been raising concrete! What’s up with that???

The fact is, you can find yourself dealing with contractors highly motivated to make sales. A contractors verbal discussion regarding warranty terms can be part of a well-rehearsed sales pitch, but in the long run, fail to provide the results or protection you expect.  Therefore, we urge consumers to look specifically at written warranty terms when factoring in who to hire and why.

Simply put, consumers need to do their due diligence and “read the fine print” to ensure they are truly protected.

Warranty Scenarios You Should Consider

The Four or Five Year Warranty

If a company is pitching a four or five-year warranty, we encourage you to read their warranty terms and conditions carefully.  Also, if a warranty is limited to “labor and materials” you may want to exercise caution.

Some contractors, who when called upon after their raised concrete sinks again, won’t necessarily raise your concrete back up.  Some contractors will propose to drill multiple holes into the slab to determine if their “labor or material” has not failed.  You can guess what their determination will be.

When these contractors determine their product is indeed under your concrete, they could fall back on their warranty language stating their product has not failed.  This way of handling their warranty leaves you with additional holes in your concrete and no resolution to your problem.  It also leaves you without a warranty repair.  Acme Concrete Raising & Repair does not operate this way.  We stand behind our repairs.

HINT:  Always look contractor’s up with the Better Business Bureau and review their track record regarding complaints.

The Three Year Warranty

Are you being sold on a three-year warranty? We have had customers share with us their experiences with a certain Three Year Warranty that’s not so “customer friendly”. In this case, the warranty states that if the raised concrete drops more than ½” in three years – the contractor will replace the dropped concrete with new concrete – at their regular installation price, less the price of the “mudjacking” that the customer deemed unsatisfactory. We find the proposition of “regular pricing” to be highly suspect at best. In our estimation, this is another warranty that is essentially worthless to consumers.

Other things to look out for are “conditions” that can void you from obtaining warranty repairs. In some cases, you might be required to backfill along the sides of all raised areas. You might also be signing on to an agreement that says you will seal all cracks and joints. Although we agree these are generally good things to do, we do not think you the consumer should be denied a warranty repair just because you failed to seal a joint to the contractor’s expectations.

The One Year Warranty

Most one-year warranties are pretty straightforward. Why wouldn’t they be? There just isn’t much that should go wrong in a year’s time! We simply suggest you question the value of a 1-year warranty. Why is the contractor limiting their liability to only 1-year? Our guess is that they’re proposing to raise your concrete with a mud slurry (mudjacking) and they don’t have the confidence to warranty it for longer than a year. You should expect more.

A Concrete Raising Warranty That Works For You!

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair provides an honest and straightforward warranty. Since we only use commercial grade high-density polyurethane to raise and support concrete – we have enough confidence in our work to not “limit” our warranty to labor and material. We also DO NOT use tricky language to enable us to void the warranty for various reasons. Aside from certain “Acts of God“, our warranty states we will re-raise any areas that re-settle. It’s simple, our polyurethane is very strong. It will not crack, shrink or washout. In the unlikely event your concrete settles after we raise it, it’s probably because the ground underneath the polyurethane has continued to settle – which is extremely rare for concrete that has been poured 10 or more years prior to raising.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair provides its customers with a no-nonsense warranty. Unlike many other contractors, we do not put conditions on our warranty for the purpose of being able to “void it” if you require service.

Bottom line – we value great long-term relationships that result in word of referrals more than simply making a “quick buck”.