Correcting a Dangerous Step Height in Sleepy Hollow

Acme Concrete Raises Sidewalks in Sleepy Hollow

Many factors can come into play that cause or otherwise exacerbate the settling of concrete. Some of these things include poor compaction, improper grading and drainage, failed gutters and extreme weather changes. Although we can not change or control the weather, settled concrete can be raised in most cases. Additionally, we can help avoid settling issues by simply making sure rainwater is properly routed away from the home.

Correcting Improper and Dangerous Step Height

Slowly over time, the entire length of this sidewalk that leads from the driveway to the front stoop settled. The point where it settled the most was at the stoop which resulted in a 12-inch step height. The sidewalk was over 20 years old and weathered, but otherwise in great structural condition.

Sunken sidewalk lifting


Although the step height was the primary issue, this sidewalk had several uneven joints creating trip hazards and nuisance areas that became apparent when shoveling snow. Finally, several sections of this sidewalk pitched toward the home and would hold pools of water when it rained.

Step Height Within Building Code Requirement

We raised this area of the sidewalk 4-1/2 inches which reduced the step height from 12 inches down to 7-1/2 inches and is now compliant the code requirement.

Correcting improper step height

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