Correcting a Step Height Code Violation in Crystal Lake, IL

Acme Concrete – the First to Bring Polyurethane Concrete Raising to Crystal Lake

Improper step height and uneven joints are common, yet dangerous problems. These hazardous conditions are sometimes overlooked or ignored.  Many people are unaware that a simple solution exists that can quickly and economically correct the problem. Improper step height not only poses a safety threat but can also delay the sale of a home or business.

Home Inspection Revealed Improper Step Height

We received a call from a Crystal Lake homeowner who was in the process of selling their home.

“We’re selling our home and during an inspection, we’ve been told the step height at our front stoop is too high. Can you fix it, and how fast can you be here?” 

The only thing better than lifting sunken concrete and making it look great is helping people out of a jam. We responded quickly and were able to help get this home sale back on track.

Correcting a step height issue


The step height was corrected by about 3 inches. We regularly make corrections to step height that involve lifting a sidewalk anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. Depending on the project, the concrete requiring raising may be limited to the section next to a stoop. Other times, the lift will require blending all pieces back to a driveway or other stopping point.

To learn more about how we raise and support settled concrete with our modern polyurethane injection system, visit our page here: Polyurethane Concrete Raising