Crystal Lake Sidewalk and Stoop Lifting

In our business, we are able to provide instant gratification for our customers. There is nothing better than being able to produce a drastic improvement for someone, and then see how happy it makes them!

This customer is a family of four.  They, like so many others, thought the only way to correct their sunken stoop and sidewalk was the expensive option of removal and replacement. We were pleased to make this repair in just a few hours, restoring the customer’s concrete to proper height and pitch.

Raise settled sidewalk and stoop.

Providing Great Solutions to Sunken Concrete

The alternative to concrete raising would have been for the concrete to be jack-hammered out, transported to a landfill, and then pour new concrete. The process would have taken days, not hours, and the new concrete would not match the color of the concrete driveway. Worst of all, the cost for replacement would have been more than twice our price to raise it.

If you think you might have concrete that could be saved by raising, do not hesitate to contact us! We would love the opportunity to provide you with a free, no-hassle estimate.

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