Crystal Lake Stoop and Sidewalk Raising Services

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Fixes Settled Concrete in Crystal Lake, IL

A homeowner located in the Coventry subdivision of Crystal Lake, called us for an estimate to raise a settled stoop, sidewalk and garage approach. They initiated their project by not only calling us but numerous concrete raising companies so that they could compare contractors. Although we utilize polyurethane lifting materials which are superior to mudjacking, our services are competitive with mudjacking.

Lifting Crystal Lake, IL sunken concrete.

Making Crystal Lake a Little More Beautiful One Project at a Time!

We love projects like this – we were able to correct the pitch of the stoop, sidewalk, and garage approach all at one time. Stepping out the front door feels better, rainwater is pitched away from the home, and no more “bump” when pulling the car in or out of the garage.

Although settled concrete looks like it would be hard to repair or expensive, we make easy work of these problems. Learn more about how we do it here: Polyurethane Concrete Raising