Driveway Sunk Down in Lake in the Hills

This project was a classic example of something we see every day – concrete driveways that settle at the garage.  If you look at these areas around your neighborhood, you will probably notice that this is a very common problem.  Aside from seeing this at customer locations, we notice it occurring in many (if not most) of the neighborhoods we work in. Fortunately, most of the concrete slabs are in good condition other than the settling.

There is no reason anyone should waste time and money replacing concrete just because it sinks. We have countless examples of just how practical and effective our concrete raising process is.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Provides an Easy Solution

Sunken concrete driveway repair in Lake in the Hills, IL

Premium Repairs in Just a Few Hours!

In just a few short hours we can have your driveway or garage approach lifted back up to where it belongs.  Just imagine pulling your vehicles in and out of the garage without that annoying, large bump!

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