Concrete Lifting in Hawthorn Woods

Raising settled concrete with polyurethane is almost always the quickest, most economical thing to do when you have concrete that has dropped. But what about stamped or stained concrete? The answer is the same – raising your dropped slabs with polyurethane is still the preferred choice.

In fact – polyurethane concrete raising (or poly-jacking) is even more of an advantageous solution compared to other methods when you’re dealing with specialty concrete installations. Stamped or stained concrete is beautiful and naturally, costs more than standard concrete. The last thing most people want to do is replace expensive slabs or deface them by drilling large holes in them so they can be mudjacked.

Lifting a dropped stamped concrete slab

Polyurethane: The Wonder Material!

Polyurethane can be formulated in an unlimited number of ways and is used in hundreds of products in Building & Construction to Machinery and Foundry applications.  A few of the products made from polyurethane include boat hulls, forklift drive and load wheels, spray foam insulation and fire stopping materials.

Just because we use the best available material to lift and support concrete does not mean we’re expensive. We always recommend quoting us against other methods and see for yourself just how economical we are.

Acme Succeeds Where Concrete Fails!