Leveling a Set of Sunken Commercial Stairs

This Wauconda, IL business dealt with these crooked, sagging stairs for a long time. The main hazards included improper step height and unlevel surfaces.  These were particularly dangerous during freezing conditions when ice would develop.  This stairway is also used daily as it provides access into the building for delivery drivers who come to and from the receiving dock. Our client wanted to rectify the issues for some time, but struggled to come up with a reasonable, economical repair solution. Acme Concrete Raising & Repair was that solution.  We were contracted to lift, level and support the stairway. Our powerful polyurethane foam system easily lifted the heavy, commercial duty steps and eliminated the hazards.

Lift and level concrete stairs at a commercial location

Some Concrete Leveling Projects Require Regrading

Acme successfully leveled these stairs as you can see in the photos above.  Grading to the right of the stairway will be corrected by the customer.  Regrading the area is necessary to help prevent further ground erosion that typically occurs during rain events.

The entire repair project costs only a fraction of the cost to remove and replace the stairs.

Repairing settled, sunken concrete at commercial real estate locations helps countless businesses increase safety and limit liability. Want to learn more about Trip Hazards? Read more here.