Lift and Level settled Algonquin Sidewalk

We raised this curved sidewalk for a customer located in Algonquin, IL. Although in very good structural condition, the sidewalk settled considerably. As a result, a dangerous trip hazard occurred due to excessive step height at the porch.

Settled curved sidewalk

It is not hard to see how dangerous this type of condition can be.  This is especially true for the young, elderly and physically challenged individuals.  Improper step heights can be even more dangerous at night time or during inclement weather such as ice and snow.

Improper Step Height Algonquin, IL

A normal step is about 7.75″ tall or less for residential properties.  When we arrived to perform the repair, this step height was greater than 12.5″.  Acme Concrete raised the sidewalk approximately 5″ using our polyurethane injection system.  This reduced the step height to less than 7.5″.

Lifted sunken sidewalk 5 inches to correct step height.

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