Lift Dropped Porch in Woodstock

When a concrete porch drops because of settling, it can be a seemingly daunting problem. The good news is that Acme Concrete makes easy work of repairing most any concrete porch that has sunk.

Concrete porch dropped in Woodstock, IL

Acme Can Give Your Settled Porch a LIFT in No Time

Unlike old messy mud jacking methods, Acme Concrete uses a modern system for raising and supporting settled slabs. Our process is neat, clean, less invasive and provides a long term repair.

Mudjacker companies will typically require drilling large 1″ – 2″ holes in order to pump their materials under the slab. We frequently find ourselves on projects where we are raising slabs that were previously “mud jacked” and find the mud jacking patches very unsightly. Our injection system relies on very small injection holes – only 5/8″ in diameter. Once we neatly patch the injection points, you can hardly tell we were there.

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