McHenry Patio Lifting Services

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Lifts Sunken Patios in McHenry, IL

Patios are meant to be enjoyed, not to be an eyesore or trip hazard. This McHenry customer was concerned about grandchildren tripping on uneven edges and the improper drainage that resulted from the settled portions of this patio.

Raise McHenry patio

Superior Lifting Materials for Long Lasting Repairs

Several sections of this patio were raised to even joints and correct the pitch so rainwater runs away from the home. We restored this patio to great condition at a fraction of what it would have cost to remove and replace.

Raise and support settled concrete patio.

Since this patio was raised using strong yet lightweight polyurethane, we expect this repair to last a lifetime. Our advanced lifting material does not add significant weight to the area which could aggravate settling, nor will it washout like other methods.

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